You are my once in a lifetime.


"꽃길만 걷게 해줄게."

-2017 -01 -12 / -2017 -01 -18


"Love may not miss, not warm, but the time over a long period of time, has become a part of life."


If there will be you no more, stars will have no one to adore.


2016 with Jongin

2016 with Jongin

2016 wiht Jongin

Artificial Love.

"그대의 꽃향기 읺지 않으면 고맙겟다."

My Beautiful Black Pearl.

Artificial Love Kai solo dance



"Sometimes this world doesn't need a hero, sometimes what he needs is a MONSTER."

"너란 행운 마치 실낱 같은 확률 속에 맘을 던지게 해 날."

Artificial Lover.

"우리의 겨울은 따뜻하지 늘 언제나 그래왔지" 





"You are just like poison , but the cure is also found in you."

"Thank you, for being part of my youth."


" If you are willing, I will always love you. Would you like, I will never miss。"

"이대로 행복하니까 나에게 자유를 주지마."

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